Potential and possibilities of Augmented Reality:


What does Augmented Reality (AR) mean?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technique to enrich the real world with computer generated content. Therefore additional information is projected with AR glasses into the field of view of the user. Several AR experiences are based on apps or online applications which can be used via smartphone or tablet.

How does Augmented Reality work?

AR glasses or your smart device generates a live image with its integrated camera and fills it directly (in real time) with digital information fitting the perspective. This digital information could be e.g. images, text, videos or 3D objects with which you can interact. Mostly they are related to location (Location Based Services) or objects (Beacons/ QR Codes).

The media experience works with a software or app which has to be installed on the glasses, tablet or smartphone. The augmented reality experience could be already saved on the device or be accessed over a WLAN connection.

What are the advantages of Augmented Reality (AR)?

  • AR intensifies the product experience and makes products and services tangible
  • Promotional effects – reduces uncertainty due to realistic AR visualization of your product
  • AR apps encourages the user to interact with your brand
  • More service/ less errors due to interactive digital information in the field of view of the user
  • AR makes press and printed manuals interactive and promotes an understanding

Why us as a partner for Augmented Reality (AR) media productions?

The production of interactive three-dimensional media experiences of a special kind is our passion. With the technology of Augmented Reality we’ll place the fascinating 3D worlds from the computer into the real world. Our aim is to create an added value for your company with AR media productions. We ensure your success on events and fairs for employee and customer satisfaction. You’ll get an experience concept and its realization from a single source.

What we can achieve for you with Augmented Reality

  • We transform classic media into interactive experiences for news and products

    Whether print magazines, printed manuals or TV shows – we’ll enrich static media with individual interactive layers of information with our AR productions. You determine the content.

  • We produce fascinating AR experiences for events and fairs

    AR has long been popular as technology amongst trade shows, presentations, events and shows of all kinds. We are your partner for conceptualization and realization.

  • AR supported troubleshooting

    On the base of existing construction data we’ll create with AR powerful support tools for maintenance, repair and fault detection. On top of that we’ll take care of the implementation of AR into your business process.

Our service for you

  • AR experience concept creation

    AR opens new ways for staging interactive media experiences. To reach the right target group and ensure your success we’ll create a concept before the main AR media production. Therefore, we define the factors to engage the user with the interaction.

  • Visual appealing content for aR experiences

    Content is King – also within AR productions. We create 2D and 3D animations, videos and interactive 3D worlds for your AR applications. With a perfect fit to your 2D and 3D marker.

  • Programming for apps

    We produce your AR applications as cross-platform app for all running computer systems, tables and smartphones. If you wish we’ll take care of its publication.

  • Concept and Set Up for fair and event installations

    Should it be bigger and more individual? No problem. We set up AR events according to your wishes. We take care of the right hardware, the programming and the testing of the application.

  • Support for your program, project or event

    We’ll not leave you to yourself with your media production. We ensure a smooth running of your fascinating media experience, before and live onsite.



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