Potential and possibilities of 360° VR media:


What does Virtual Reality (VR) mean?

Virtual Reality, often shortened with VR, refers to a self-created 360° world. The viewer can dive into it and is free to move within. Either on screen, e.g. with your mouse or a joystick, on a tablet or a smartphone via touch mode.

However, the fully potential of virtual reality arises only by wearing its matching VR glasses.

How does Virtual Reality work with VR glasses?

By now you can find a broad range of diverse VR glasses starting from Cardboard, the Samsung GearVR through to Oculus Rift and the new VR concept of Google called Daydream.

Each system has its own characteristics. We would like to explain the principle of VR on Google cardboard’s functionality.

Cardboard is a holding device for smartphone which has two biconvex lenses. If you start an app on your phone or open a link to an online application which supports a stereoscopically view, you’ll get a catching view through the Cardboard. The two single images which you can see on the screen of your phone will merge into a three-dimensional view through the glasses. You’re able to look around in the 3D VR world and take actions using the sensors of your smartphone. If you turn your head you’ll control the application on your phone which is held by the VR glasses.

The added value of Virtual Reality (VR)

The decisive added value of VR compared to other technologies is its immersion. It’s "right in the middle"-sensation is perfect for creating surprising and exiting information experiences and brands to show and test products virtually.

  • New product and information experiences with VR. Added value for clients and manufacturers
  • VR overcomes spatial distances. Experience distant places and virtual worlds
  • VR intensifies product experiences and makes products and services tangible
  • VR reduces the risk of wrong development

Why us as a partner for Virtual Reality (VR) media productions?

The team of Visoric creates breathtaking 360° VR media for you and your clients as smartphone app or online application.

We plan and realize for you besides information and media experiences, interactive accessible showrooms, VR architecture visualization, also VR production plants and VR training sceneries. Have a look on our examples and don’t hesitate to contact us! We are committed to ensure your fantastic VR media experience.

What can be achieved with VR media and VR applications?

  • Immersive Journalism

    VISORIC creates journalism you can dive into. With the use of modern VR 3D technology the reader will be able to “be part of” the news story which has happened recently.

  • VR training room

    On the base of your CAD data we’ll create accessible 360° 3D animations. The trainee will be able to meet and interact with experts within the virtual 3D room.

  • VR Showroom / Virtual Stores

    Your virtual store which shows all your products in 360° 3D will always be open to your clients, 24 hour per day, 7 days a week.

  • VR entertainment and information app

    We turn your media into exiting, interactive and multimedia 360° 3D experiences. With fun and games to fascinate, inform and entertain.

  • 360° TV

    VISORIC turns your TV format into interactive 360° 3D experiences. We consult, design and produce your 360° film and virtual reality TV format for all devices.

Our service for you

  • VR experience concept creation

    VR opens new ways for staging interactive media experiences. To reach the right target group and ensure your success we’ll create a concept before the main VR media production. Therefore, we define the factors to engage the user with the interaction.

  • Visual appealing content for VR experiences

    Content is King – also within VR productions. We create 3D animations, 360° videos and interactive 3D worlds. Moreover, we could add sound to your 360° experience. The combination of audiovisual and tactile stimulation makes the experience highly immersive.

  • Programming for apps

    We produce your VR application as smartphone app, as cross-platform solution or as a server application. We ensure that your media production will run on every system of VR glasses. No matter which technology will dominate in the end you’ll be on the right side.

  • Concept and Set Up for fair and event installations

    Should it be bigger and more individual? No problem. We set up VR events according to your wishes. We take care of the right hardware, the programming and the testing of the application.

  • Support for your program, project or event

    We’ll not leave you to yourself with your media production. We ensure a smooth running of your fascinating media experience, before and live onsite.

Media experiences for 360° VR productions

  • Stereo 3D productions - impressive 3D cinema-like effects

    Get with our productions a 3D stereo cinema-like experience into your company and impress your clients.

  • 360° panorama photos and 3D panorama renderings for VR exploration tours

    With photography taken as 360° panorama you can travel to any existing place within virtual reality.  With computer generated 360° 3D renderings future places, already distinguished spots or imaginary locations can be experienced virtually.

  • 360° Films for VR experiences - moving information and entertainment

    We produce 360° “real” films and 360° 3D animation films. On top we mix and merge both components to get real elements and 3D computer animations into one place. Get to know more about our 360° film production here.

  • Exciting 360° Virtual Reality mini games

    Mini games turn your virtual worlds into an exciting and extraordinary experience.

  • 360° audio for VR media experiences

    Directed audio simulation within VR: Audio can be recorded via headphones in a way that it matches the directions of the VR world. This makes the experience even more authentic.

    OF OUR  360° VR MEDIA


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    We visit you and deliver a workshop on how to use Virtual Reality for success.

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